Physical Therapy

Are You In Need Of Physical Therapy?

Our physical therapists have helped hundreds of people recover after sports injuries, work-related accidents, and a wide variety of orthopedic issues that cause pain and decreased mobility.

The road to recovery does not have to include drugs or surgery. The physical therapy team helps increase mobility, ease pain, and gain strength

Many of our patients come to us after an injury or surgery that requires some extra attention in a targeted area. Frequent visits to the physical therapist can help speed up your recovery and greatly increase functionality and range of motion.

Let us help you get back to living your best life!

Looking For Physical Therapy in Kansas City?

Our physical therapists have extensive experience and education in learning the specific ways that the body moves. Our guided exercises and stretches help target these problem areas to get you back to regular life. Physical therapy is just one of the many ways that we approach pain treatment at LifeWorks Integrative Health.

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Physical Therapy: What We Treat

Physical therapy is a great option to help with common issues that affect daily life. We address a wide variety of pain using the latest technology and techniques to get you back to normal life.

Back Pain

Do your experience stiff back muscles or shooting pain down your spine? Back pain is a common issue that we treat daily.

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Neck Pain

Sore neck muscles or a decrease in mobility and range of motion can easily affect daily life. We use targeted exercises and stretches to help relieve neck pain.

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Shoulder Pain

Many of our patients experience a limited range of motion in the shoulder joint. Increase the range of shoulder rotation with the help of our physical therapists.

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Hip Pain

Sports and prolonged sitting usually create hip pain. Work with our physical therapy team to address this large muscle group.

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Knee Pain

Another common issue that we treat involves the knee joint. Life is just not the same when you have knee pain. Let our physical therapists help you feel better.

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Shooting pain from your lower back down your leg often involves sciatica. Work with our physical therapists to relieve this sharp and painful experience.

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Foot & Ankle Pain

Injuries and surgeries can cause issues down the road with the feet and ankles. Physical therapy can help increase range of motion and improve mobility.

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Elbow Pain

Another common issue that we treat involves the elbow joint. Treat degenerative conditions in the elbow so that you can avoid invasive procedures such as surgery and steroid injections.

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Hand & Wrist Pain

With more jobs including computer and desk work, we often see a lot of wrist and hand pain issues. Don’t ignore any kind of pain in your wrist or hands as this could greatly affect your quality of life.

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Address the Root of Your Pain With Physical Therapy in Kansas City

At LifeWorks Integrative Health, we are committed to finding and treating the root of your pain. We know that the body often gives warning signs for issues that are all connected. Instead of adding to your growing list of medications, we want to find and address the root cause of your pain to get you back to normal life.

Our team at LifeWorks Integrative Health offers a comprehensive approach to pain. We know that the human body is quite complex and we go in-depth to reach the root of the problem. We don’t use medication and surgeries as a band-aid that covers up the problem. We get to the main issue using a multifaceted approach.

The physical therapy team at LifeWorks Integrative Health work alongside our chiropractic and regenerative medicine team to address your pain from all directions. You’ll know that you’re getting focused and custom treatment options that are curated and designed for you alone. Our providers and staff work together to find solutions to deliver results and address the root cause of your pain.

If you are looking for a physical therapist in Kansas City, schedule a complimentary consultation at LifeWorks Integrative Health to learn more about physical therapy in Shawnee, KS.