Alpha 2 Macroglobulin

What is A2M?

A2M, Alpha 2 Macroglobulin is a natural inhibitor produced by the liver. This molecule protects cartilage from proteins known to cause degeneration in joints which leads to osteoarthritis. A2M molecules are naturally and evenly found throughout the body. Unfortunately, they are not naturally concentrated in the joints to prevent arthritis. When a physician can concentrate A2M and inject it directly into the affected joints, the A2M concentrate will inhibit the progression of arthritis.

How Does It Work?

A2M halts the progression of osteoarthritis (OA) at the molecular level by inactivating the chemicals that cause the joints to breakdown. A2M’s chief responsibility is to combat other harmful chemicals, proteins, and enzymes that can cause inflammation and tissue erosion when present in large quantities around the joints. The joint will then begin to recover as the inflammation is reduced and harmful chemicals are no longer present. The A2M remaining in the joint will promote tissue growth and the restoration process. The repaired damage will then lead to a pain free joint.

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Will A2M Work For Me?

In most patients, concentrated A2M shows promise in reducing pain and improving the damage arthritis causes. Catching arthritis early before destruction has progressed is key for successful treatment. Concentrated A2M injections can still be effective for patients with untreated arthritis. The restoration process may not be as robust, but it will still inhibit further disease progression.

Where is A2M found?

A2M if found in your blood. A blood draw is performed and is spun in a centrifuge to obtain 60mL of plasma. The plasma is further processed for a final volume of 8 12mL A2M concentrate.

Post Treatment Careopathy

After the injection, your blood draw site or injection site may be sore. Tylenol can be used, and your doctor might prescribe a physical therapy treatment plan to begin shortly after your injection.

Healing Process

Under your doctor’s guidance, keep the body moving, or it will stay sore longer. Motion will help the body heal faster. Pain medication may be prescribed if necessary, but most patients feel relief with Tylenol. Within 2 4 weeks after treatment, many patients begin to feel decreased pain levels, better mobility, and increased functionality.

The entire healing cascade may be active for up to 12 weeks while the A2M molecule performs its duties.

​​​​​​​Patients can expect to see significant improvement in symptoms and many report a gradual return of function. Two to three treatments may be needed for optimal results.

How do you concentrate A2M?

A blood draw is performed where 60 120mL is collected. The blood is spun down to separate all of the red blood cells and platelets from the plasma. The plasma is then filtered through a hemaconcentrator where the final product will be about 8 12mL of a concentrated A2M product.

Why Use A2M?

The molecule alpha 2 macroglobulin (A2M) is found within our joints and blood, and its primary job is to defend against cartilage’s excessive breakdown. The natural amount of A2M in our body is found in low concentrations within the joints and cannot provide enough protection against the progression of OA in damaged joints and an aging population. Concentrated A2M (alpha 2 macroglobulin) is injected to halt osteoarthritis progression and allow the body to repair itself.

  • Minimally invasive

  • Minimal to no downtime

  • Speeds up and promotes healing

  • Natural and organic, autologous from your own body

  • Less side effects when compared to steroid injections or surgery