Gut Health Restored - Part 1

Incorporating functional nutrition digestive strategies to overcome root cause digestive issues

Are you ready for an exciting adventure into the incredible world of digestion? Join us as we lead you through an intriguing exploration of this complex process, uncovering the vital roles played by organ tissues and microorganisms in breaking down proteins, fats, and carbohydrates in your meals.

Diving into the scientific intricacies of digestion, we will unveil both positive and negative scenarios impacting your digestive well-being, offering practical insights to enhance optimal digestive function.

Whether you're searching for remedies for digestive concerns or simply eager to deepen your knowledge of your body's inner workings, this series is crafted just for you. Join us on this collective adventure towards improved digestive health and unravel the wonders of your own physiology!



Backup Enzyme Production and Bugs!

It's truly fascinating how each organ within your digestive system collaborates to produce enzymes, with fail-safe mechanisms in place to guarantee the thorough digestion of every bit of food.

And here's an interesting tidbit: did you know that undigested food ultimately finds its way to bacteria? Indeed, it's a fact! These tiny creatures, totaling around three pounds, primarily reside in your large intestine and happen to be quite beneficial.

Not only do they assist in the digestion of a variety of foods, from pizza to broccoli, but these microscopic companions also play a significant role in your maturation, fortify your immune system, and aid in breaking down excess sugar. Yes, you read that right—these helpful little beings ensure that nothing goes to waste, ensuring your body absorbs all the essential nutrients from your food.


What happens if you do not fully digest your food?


Get ready for a potential nightmare scenario when dealing with digestive issues!

Commencing with unpleasant gas and heartburn, the situation can swiftly progress to frequent and urgent visits to the bathroom, coupled with bouts of constipation or diarrhea, and the development of gallstones.

When your stomach falters in activating and producing enzymes, the responsibility shifts to your pancreas, which may tire quickly, leading to issues in balancing blood sugar.

But the complications don't end there—insufficient production of fat-digesting enzymes by the pancreas forces the liver to increase bile production, placing it under significant strain.

Should all three components—the stomach, pancreas, and liver—become fatigued, the duty of enzyme creation falls upon the intestines, eagerly taken over by bacteria.

Failure to properly digest food upstream can result in a cascade of downstream problems, including bacterial overgrowth—a prevalent issue.

Understanding Functional Digestion Nutritional Strategies

It's time to rebuild your gut!

We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise over the years! After participating in accredited seminars for decades, numerous nutritional consultations, and consistently conducting literature reviews, we have diligently refined our skills, emerging as experts in our field. But our journey doesn't conclude there – we've had the privilege of engaging with some of the most brilliant minds in herbal formulations, gleaning valuable insights from their extensive experience.

Drawing from symptoms and lab results, six nutritional strategies are particularly potent in enhancing digestive processes.


Let's review our top 6 ways to improve digestion:

Over-the-Counter (OTC) Weening Protocol - By using a titration schedule of herbs and nutrients, to reduce or eliminate dependence on acid-stopping drugs and OTC calcium buffers.

Stomach Acid + pH Balance - Proper hydrochloric acid (HCL) production is key in protein digestion and mineral assimilation. Helpful in cases of low stomach acid where a person experiences regular constipation and heartburn.

Pancreatic Enzyme Supplementation - Providing pancreas gland support and specific enzymes to help restore digestive function. Extremely helpful in cases of uncontrolled blood sugar.

Bile Acid + Bitter Supplementation - Supplementing bitter herbs, bile-forming foods like beets, and bile acid extracts to help restore fat breakdown and absorption. Especially useful if the gallbladder was removed and the ability to digest fat has been severely reduced.

Weed + Feed Protocol - By using a weekly schedule, balance the microbiome with herbs that weed out bad bacteria and pre + probiotics that feed the good bacteria. Very helpful in cases of bacterial overgrowth and poor biome diversity.

Stealth Pathogen Protocol - A clinical plan will be recommended to remove parasitic and pathogenic organisms using clinical herbal formulas. Helpful in rooting-out old infections.