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Back Pain Shawnee KS | Bottom Line: Nothing will slow you down quicker than a bad back. It makes it difficult to exercise, play sports, or perhaps even get to the grocery store once your back hurts. Age, lack of exercise, excess weight, improper lifting, and several hours of sitting a day will all lead to lower back pain. Studies have shown that over 80% of individuals can experience back pain at some point in their life. The great news? Researchers have found that Chiropractic care cannot solely get you back on course when you are injured, however, it may stall future episodes of lower back pain from occurring.

Why it Matters: Your spine is an amazing marvel of engineering and style. The curves in your neck, mid-back, and low back distribute the load of gravity a bit like classical architecture, much like the Egyptian pyramids. The spinal discs act as a natural shock absorption system that’s sturdy and flexible. And winding its way through our spinal cord and nerve roots, the glorious communication system in our body. Keeping your back healthy is far a lot of important than simply avoiding aches and back pain in Shawnee KS. A stable and supported back is important to maintaining a prime quality of life. Here are a couple of takeaway points:

  • The nervous system is protected and housed in your backbone

  • Back pain is usually caused by the muscles or discs of the spine

  • Chiropractic care has been shown to assist over 90% of individuals. Many notice relief from back pain in Shawnee KS

Next Steps: Doctors will assess the “health” of your spine through x-rays and a physical examination testing range of motion, strength, and posture. By routinely checking your spine, we will help you to take a proactive approach to your spinal health. Studies have shown that maintenance treatment care will facilitate, assess, detect, and stall future episodes of low back pain in Shawnee KS. And, as you currently grasp, spinal health is directly related to living your best life!

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