Chiropractor Shawnee | Treat Neck Pain and Headaches with Chiropractic Care

Neck pain and headaches often go hand-in-hand. When you meet with a chiropractor Shawnee, you will find that the root of the issue is addressed rather than prescribing medicine to treat the pain. It is crucial to understand when the pain started to find out what might be the underlying cause.

Preliminary Questions from a Chiropractor Shawnee

The first thing a chiropractor will do to treat your neck pain or headaches is to ask about your history.

  • Have you been in an accident?

  • How long have you felt the pain?

  • Is there a history of neck pain in your family?

  • Do you have any allergies?

  • What are your sleep habits?

Once you have established some background to the pain, the chiropractor can move forward with a treatment plan that best fits your symptoms.

Possible Treatment Plans

When you meet with a chiropractor Shawnee, many treatment options will be considered. A combination of several chiropractic services will help to relieve your pain:

  • Spine manipulation

  • Stretching exercises for mobility

  • Manual traction, or stretching of the spine

  • Trigger points in massage therapy

  • Soft tissue treatment: ice/heat, vibration, electric stimulation

When your chiropractor designs the treatment plan that will best help your neck pain and headaches, you may not see results until after the first few appointments. Many times, the relief is found after meeting with a chiropractor two or three times. Finishing out the care plan will bring you lasting relief.

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Our purpose at LifeWorks is to provide a Comprehensive Care model to treat your ailment. This blend of pain relief, chiropractic care, physical medicine, and regenerative medicine will help treat the underlying cause of your pain and help to attain lasting relief. Many reach out to us who are in search of a drug-free and non-surgical option. Please schedule a consultation, and our team can answer any questions you might have.