Diabetes Diet Plan | How to Improve Quality of Life with Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes is a challenging diagnosis to stomach, but you don’t have to be miserable. There are ways to live an extraordinary life with a diabetes diet plan and treating the whole body in Shawnee, KS. So let’s take a closer look:

3 Ways to Improve Quality of Life

It can feel overwhelming to consider all of the changes you need to make after learning you have diabetes. Take it one step at a time. Starting with a diabetes diet plan in Shawnee, KS:

  • Meal Planning: When you have a diabetes diet plan that focuses on whole foods, fruits, and vegetables, you will be able to manage your blood sugar in healthy ways. Find carbs with a low glycemic index like quinoa or sweet potatoes. Take breaks between meals to give your blood sugar a chance to stabilize. Nutrition Response Testing

  • Exercise: Physical exercise helps your body receive insulin more efficiently, aiding your blood sugar levels to not peak and crash. Exercising is also a good habit that will reduce your chances of heart disease and other chronic illnesses.

  • Reducing Stress: Stress can release cortisol and adrenaline that contribute to spiked blood sugar levels. Find ways to manage stress in a healthy way. For example, get outside, write in a journal, and say no to things that add stress to your life. When you lower the stress in your life, you will be able to manage your diabetes better.

Here at Lifeworks, our goal is to make sure you know exactly what is causing you to feel the way you do. We do this mainly through a form of muscle testing known as nutrition response testing. This technique allows us to test your body to see exactly what foods, Metals or chemicals are harming you and your body, as well as what ingredients will supplement your body and get it back to normal function. schedule a consultation