Diabetic Neuropathy in Shawnee Kansas

Are You Suffering From Diabetic Neuropathy in Shawnee Kansas?

Diabetic Neuropathy in Shawnee Kansas | There are many side effects associated with diabetes. While patients deal with blood sugar levels and insulin, other areas of the body are also affected by this disease. Neuropathy can not only increase diabetic pain but can also greatly limit your overall quality of life. While you may have heard of the term before, you may not know what neuropathy even is. Learn more about diabetic neuropathy in Shawnee, Kansas and how treatment for this condition can help your pain:

What Is Neuropathy?

Simply put, neuropathy involves damaged nerves within the body. Peripheral nerves are those information highways within the body that don’t include the brain and spinal cord. The nerves help our bodies function as well as perceive pain. Finding the right medical professional for diabetic neuropathy in Shawnee, Kansas is important for better health.


What Are The 3 Types Of Peripheral Nerves?

Motor Nerves

These nerves connect messages from the brain to the body’s muscles. Motor nerves are helpful in keeping the body safe in moving back from a perceived threat.

Sensory Nerves

These nerves help the brain understand what you are sensing at any given moment. Smells, a rough surface, or even cold weather are all messages that the sensory nerves experience and then send along to the brain.

Autonomic Nerves

These nerves are those that help the body’s main functions work subconsciously. Breathing, blood pressure, heart rate, and digestion are all ways that autonomic nerves help overall body function.

Main Causes of Neuropathy


diabetic neuropathy treatment in Shawnee Kansas

Diabetes And Blood Sugar

Chronically high blood sugar can cause damage to nerves and is the most common factor in peripheral neuropathy. Diabetics usually experience numbness or pain in their hands, feet, or legs. 


Injury To The Nervous System

Any bodily injury that has disrupted the nerves can create issues with neuropathy. Many patients who experience this kind of pain have repeated a motion over and over while playing sports or doing other physical activities.

While diabetic neuropathy is quite painful, there are ways to help alleviate the pain. LifeWorks offers Comprehensive Care Models that help look at the entire body function for better health. Consider calling LifeWorks when experiencing diabetic neuropathy in Shawnee Kansas.