Diabetic Neuropathy in Kansas City | Holistic Treatment Options

Diabetic Neuropathy in Kansas City | Are you a diabetic experiencing tingling in the feet or hands? It can be very uncomfortable and quite concerning because you don’t know what to expect. Diabetic neuropathy in Kansas City is common, and you may be able to receive relief via non-invasive treatment.

That tingling sensation that you’re experiencing in your feet or hands is what’s commonly described as nerve damage and medically described as neuropathy. It is a complication that occurs in many people who have type 1 or type 2 diabetes. As many as 26 percent of individuals who live with type 2 diabetes display signs of nerve damage at the onset of the diabetes diagnosis.

Effective Treatment Approach

There are a few treatment options that medical providers may consider for diabetic neuropathy in Kansas City. 

Here are a few of the most common options:

  • Take special care and pay close attention to the feet to possibly avoid complications

  • Maintain control and a close watch over blood sugar numbers

  • Mask neuropathy symptoms with medication

  • Address the root cause of your Neuropathy pain

Diabetic Neuropathy in Kansas City

There is currently no known cure for diabetic neuropathy in Kansas City. However, initiating the following components may help to alleviate, improve, or prevent the symptoms and complications associated with diabetic nerve pain.

Pay close attention to and take care of the feet: If you have neuropathy, pain isn’t always experienced in the foot when an injury occurs. Therefore, it is essential for diabetics to pay close attention to their feet and check for cracks, wounds, and other signs of distress or damage. It is recommended that diabetics undergo an annual comprehensive foot exam.

Maintain control of blood sugar numbers: the most effective approach is for diabetics to maintain control over their blood sugar levels. You may begin to experience improvement in the burning or tingling sensations if your glucose levels are regulated.

Mask the symptoms of neuropathy with medication: It can be challenging to control neuropathy pain, which could interfere with your normal function of life. This could disturb sleep patterns and make it hard to get rest at night. Most physicians are quick to prescribe medications to mask the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy in Kansas City, but the problem is that as soon as you stop taking the medications, your symptoms come back and can seem worse because the nerve damage has continued to progress

Address the root cause of your Neuropathy pain: Instead of masking your Neuropathy symptoms with medication, LifeWorks Integrative Health provides a proven solution to address the root cause of your nerve damage, relieve pain, and get you back to enjoying an active lifestyle.

Diabetic Neuropathy in Kansas City

At LifeWorks Integrative Health, we offer integrative treatment options for a wide category of issues, including neuropathy. We specialize in creating customized treatment plans for each patient to help deliver relief that lasts because we address the source of your problem and chronic pain. To learn more about this comprehensive neuropathy treatment option and relieve your current symptoms, contact us today and schedule a free consultation including a 16-point Nerve Assessment.