Foods that Increase Acid Reflux

Many people are living with acid reflux and not realizing which foods are contributing to the problem. When you have a chronic health problem like acid reflux in Shawnee, KS, it is best to participate in nutrition response testing so that you can find the right diet for acid reflux that is specific to your body.

What Is Nutrition Response Testing?

You can find out more about the correct diet for acid reflux when you discover how your body reacts to certain foods. Since your body is unique, Nutrition Response Testing can help you find out the missing nutrients that need to be supplemented into your diet.

Nutrition Response Testing is a series of noninvasive tests that uncover hormonal imbalances, weight issues, digestive issues, and more.

Why Is an Individualized Nutrition Plan Important?

When you find the source of your acid reflux, you can adhere to a diet for acid reflux that is specific to your body. The missing nutrients in your body will be combined into vitamins that are exactly what you need to feel more comfortable and thrive in your everyday life in Shawnee, KS.

Your body may need more of one nutrient than someone with different DNA. That is why Nutrition Response Testing can provide you with a detailed list of what you’re lacking and what foods are not sitting well with your digestive system.

At LifeWorks, we can help you with your diet for acid reflux by administering Nutrition Response Testing. Our Comprehensive Care model includes the use of food intake as a way to promote your health. When you discover what foods are hurting your body, you can learn to eat in a way that will help you feel comfortable and energized. If you are looking for a drug-free solution to your acid reflux, then schedule a consultation in Shawnee, KS, to learn about how our team can help.