The Integrative Medicine Approach to Treating Acid Reflux

It can be challenging to find the right diet for acid reflux in Shawnee, KS. What foods should you cut out first? What if you can’t pinpoint what is bothering you the most? That’s where integrative medicine comes in.

3 Steps to Acid Reflux Relief

No matter what you’re eating as your diet for acid reflux, you still can’t find food that makes you feel good, comfortable, and energized. Follow these tips to gain the relief you are seeking:

  1. Eliminate Irritable Foods: An expert team can help you identify what is causing discomfort. For example, you may need to cut out alcohol, chocolate, milk, juices, or spicy foods. What are the foods that cause the most pain? Start there.

  2. Supplement with Vitamins and Nutrients: By using supplements, you can support your gut in healing. Using Nutrition Response Testing, you can discover which supplements will help you the most.

  3. Continual Changes Toward Mental and Physical Health: Once you’ve found relief from acid reflux in Shawnee, KS, it doesn’t stop there. Make steps toward overall health by taking care of your mind and body. When you actively think about what you take into your body, you will not fall back into old habits that could bring back your acid reflux pains.

You don’t have to live without knowing about a diet for acid reflux that will bring the relief you need. Take control of your suffering by visiting a doctor today.

Here at Lifeworks, our goal is to make sure you know exactly what is causing you to feel the way you do. We do this mainly through a form of muscle testing known as nutrition response testing. This technique allows us to test your body to see exactly what foods, Metals or chemicals are harming you and your body, as well as what ingredients will supplement your body and get it back to normal function. schedule a consultation