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Dr. Matthew Gianforte

Some people suffer from food discomforts every day. If you are feeling indigestion, including diarrhea, constipation, or gas, you don’t have to settle on that as a part of your life. Food sensitivity testing is a solution to finding out what your body is missing so that you can treat the root of your indigestion problems in Shawnee, KS.

Food Sensitivity Testing

Food sensitivity testing is a series of tests to determine which nutrients your body has a deficiency of. Our team at LifeWorks in Shawnee, KS, calls this Nutrition Response Testing. Food sensitivity testing is the best place to start if you suspect a leaky gut or unbalanced stomach.

Part of the testing process detects a delayed response in the immune system. If you have inflammation in your gut, your food sensitivities will increase. And, therefore, your indigestion and discomfort will increase as well.

You can find out food sensitivities through blood tests, muscle response testing, pulse response testing, cellular testing, and other methods. Working with a professional team in Shawnee, KS, will help you determine which is the right test for you.

You may also be asked to keep a food journal. You will record what you have eaten when you experience an adverse reaction. Then you will work to eliminate the foods that cause discomfort in your daily life.

The Benefits of Food Sensitivity Testing

When you discover which foods increase inflammation in your gut, you will be able to avoid those foods and find restored comfort. Nutrition Response Testing will also identify the essential minerals and vitamins missing from your diet. When you supplement with the right amount of magnesium, iron, and other vitamins, you will restore balance to your diet and find benefits like increased energy and better sleep quality in your life.

At LifeWorks, we use Nutrition Response Testing to determine which essential vitamins and minerals your body needs to restore health and provide balance. You may need to supplement your diet with a combination of specific nutrients. If you are looking for a drug-free strategy to improve your comfort and energy level, schedule a consultation with us to learn more.

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