Dr. Matthew Gianforte

“I feel good! I’m done with treatment, right?”

“I’m feeling better, I don’t need to come in anymore, right?”

“I’m done! My pain is gone!”

These are common statements we hear from patients often.  But – that is not how you should think about your health. You shouldn’t base your health upon how you feel.  You should assess your health based on how you are functioning – on the inside.

Pain is always the last thing that shows up when there’s a problem and it’s usually the first thing that goes away. But how you function becomes corrected as time goes on.  It takes time to correct the biomechanics of the body and get it back to a healthier function to get it more stable again.

It doesn’t stop there – once it becomes more stable, it is important to maintain the stability. It is important to have good spinal hygiene and good joint hygiene.  All the work you went through to correct and stabilize the issue, if you’re not taking care of it, will eventually come right back.

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