Kansas City Chiropractor | 3 Things to Expect When Visiting a Chiropractor

Here Is What You Can Expect When Visiting A Kansas City Chiropractor

Visiting any new medical office can bring on anxiety. Many new chiropractic patients find that they are nervous due to not knowing what to expect. You may have heard about chiropractic care, and even had friends rave about their Kansas City chiropractor, but are still skeptical and unsure about what your first visit will include. To help relieve those fears, learn more about these 3 things to expect when visiting a chiropractor in Kansas City.

You’ll Fill Out a Medical Questionnaire

Your Kansas City chiropractor wants to know all about your medical history and the reason why you are in the office. Being honest about your medical issues, surgeries, and medicines that you are currently taking will help the chiropractor provide you with the best care possible. You’ll be asked to fill out a lengthy questionnaire about your joints, pain, and common chiropractic issues. Make sure to note any sore spots and pain that you currently experience as well.

You’ll Take X-Rays

One of the main ways that a chiropractor treats patients is by knowing their bone structure. X-rays are the only way that a chiropractor can get an inside look into how your bones are currently aligned and what kind of treatment plan you will require. X-rays usually are an added cost to the first visit, so make sure to ask about the financial aspects of your visit before any X-rays are taken.

Initial Visit with Kansas City Chiropractor

On your first visit to your Kansas City chiropractor’s office, you will sit down with the chiropractor to discuss your treatment plan. The chiropractor will go over your x-rays with you and ask questions about your current pain. This is a great time to ask the chiropractor any questions that you have as well. Usually, a treatment plan will be set up, including many return visits to the office to help your alignment. 

While new experiences always bring a bit of apprehension, there is no reason to worry about your first visit to the chiropractor’s office. Ask your Kansas City chiropractor questions to make sure you understand the process. Consider scheduling your first chiropractic visit with LifeWorks Integrative Health to bring relief.