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Dr. Matthew Gianforte

Before choosing a knee pain doctor in Shawnee, KS, one thing to consider is how likely the doctor will jump to surgery as the solution. Some doctors try to relieve your chronic knee pain with surgery before trying alternative, less invasive treatments. What other treatments should you consider before signing up for knee replacement surgery?

Alternative Treatment Options for Chronic Knee Pain

It may not occur to you to look for a chiropractor when seeking a knee pain doctor. If the knee is not appropriately aligned with the ankle, it can cause pain to the knee joint. Even if you choose knee replacement surgery, the poor-aligned knee will still cause problems to the joint. It is sensible to seek out chiropractic treatment before turning to surgical solutions for knee pain.

Mobility is also a problem when it comes to knee pain. Our team of doctors at LifeWorks in Shawnee, KS, can use manual therapy to stretch the spine and break up scar tissue that may be causing mobility-related knee pain. These methods are alternatives to surgery and are much less invasive.

Knee Pain Treatments that Provide Lasting Results

The patients who choose a total knee arthroplasty (TKA) or a knee replacement may not always find complete pain relief. One study found that patients with limited range of motion and poor alignment from the knees to the ankle were left with unresolved pain after surgery. Seeking alternative pain relief options before undergoing surgery will help you discover the best treatment for you.

Schedule an Appointment Today with a Trusted Knee Pain Doctor

At LifeWorks, you can expect a combination of treatments to relieve your knee pain. Our Comprehensive Care model uses regenerative medicine, pain relief, physical medicine, and chiropractic care. This innovative approach will treat the cause of the pain rather than dulling the pain temporarily. If you are looking for medication-free and non-surgical options in Shawnee, KS, then schedule an appointment with our team today.

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