Knee Pain Doctor | Exercises and Treatments to Support Knee Joint Health

How often do you pop a pain relief pill because you feel the effects of chronic knee pain? Some patients have worked with a knee pain doctor in Shawnee, KS, without success, only finding temporary treatments to suppress the symptoms.

Instead of relying on medication for short-term relief, it’s time to look at all of the factors that are contributing to this knee pain. Not only do we need to evaluate the way the knee joint is working, but it’s also necessary to look at other structural factors that could be contributing: hip movement, back alignment, and more.

Total Body Strength and Flexibility to Help with Knee Pain

When you work with a knee pain doctor, look for a provider in Shawnee, KS, that expands treatments beyond the knee joint. For example, focused exercises for the knee aren’t practical without also working on the hips. Several muscles connect below the hip and above the knee, which means that they can simultaneously move both the knee and hip.

In fact, researchers found that both knee and hip exercises can reduce knee pain alone. The combined approach of both knee and hip exercises often results in more significant improvements overall.

Ultimately, if you want to reduce knee pain, it’s just as essential to work on strength and flexibility in the hip joints. Specific exercises might include external rotation, hip abduction, quadriceps strengthening, and more.

Talk to a Knee Pain Doctor in Shawnee, KS

You don’t need to tolerate knee pain every day. If you are suffering from joint issues, then it’s time to take a proactive approach to improve strength, function, and flexibility. Our team at LifeWorks is here to help, offering a Comprehensive Care model to address the root cause of knee pain and other issues. If you prefer a non-surgical treatment without prescription medications, then book a consultation to discuss available options with our experienced staff.