Knee Pain in Kansas City: 3 Levels of Knee Brace Support That Help

Living with chronic knee pain can put a damper on everyday activities. Not only will you notice just how much you use your knee, but you’ll also lose some mobility. There are many different treatment options for knee pain: from home remedies to surgery. However, many of those who suffer from knee pain in Kansas City choose to help support their knee with a knee brace. Learn more about the three different knee brace levels that can help get you back to a healthy lifestyle.

Level 1 Knee Brace: Mild Support

Those who suffer from less knee pain in Kansas City could consider choosing a Level 1 knee brace. These braces offer the least amount of support compared to other higher-level options but also are the most flexible and comfortable. Many level 1 knee braces include a knee sleeve that slips over the leg onto the knee. Level 1 knee braces are suitable for those Kansas City residents who aren’t in much pain but still want to have something on to help support the knee joint.

Level 2 Knee Brace: Moderate Support

Many knee braces on the market include the wrap-around support of a Level 2 knee brace. These options aren’t as comfortable as knee sleeves, but they do provide a good amount of support for those with knee instability. Most wrap-around knee braces include 2-3 different straps that can adjust to your knee size. You can still enjoy a wide range of movement with a Level 2 knee brace as well.

Level 3 Knee Brace: Maximum Support

For those with a significant knee issue, level 3 knee braces are best to help stabilize the joint. Level 3 braces include a hinged knee brace that is often heavy and hard to move around in. These knee braces are commonly used after knee surgery to provide the most support to the knee during the healing process. Some knee braces are rated at a 3+ level for those knee joints that need the absolute most support recommended by a medical professional.

Your knees are an essential part of enjoying daily life. Taking care of them and using the proper level of support is vital to overall knee health. For those who suffer from knee pain in Kansas City, consider contacting LifeWorks Integrative Health for more information and recommendations on which knee brace to use.