Knee Pain Treatment in Kansas City KS: 3 Everyday Activities That May Be Prolonging Pain

Knee Pain Treatment in Kansas City KS: 3 Everyday Activities That May Be Prolonging Pain

Many older Kansas City residents find that they have knee pain on and off throughout their golden years. However, more younger residents find that they too suffer from knee pain that can be quite debilitating. While you may know the root cause of your knee pain, you might not realize how you are irritating the pain or making it worse, while doing daily activities. For those residents who seek knee pain treatment in Kansas City KS, learn more about the 3 everyday activities that may be prolonging your pain. 

Walking Up or Down Stairs

Your knees are quite important to your ability to walk up and down stairs without any pain. When your knee is already irritated, you may notice that one or both of these actions hurt. All of your weight distributes to your knee while taking a step.

Consider modifying your ability to go up and down stairs while your knee is healing. This may require you to take just one step at a time with both legs, instead of one step per leg. It will require more time to make your way down or upstairs, but doing so can significantly increase your healing process.

Exiting or Entering A Car

One of the other common areas of concern when dealing with knee pain is the process of getting into and out of your car. Many Kansas City residents use one leg to either lower themselves into the car or step out of the vehicle. This can cause issues with knee pain as all of your weight is directed onto that joint. When entering a car, consider backing into the seat and then swinging both legs into the car once seated. Upon exiting a car, swing both legs out first and then stand up.

Getting into Bed

For those of us who are side sleepers, you may enter your bed on one knee to get to your desired sleeping position. This can cause a lot of pain for those knees that are weak. Putting all of your weight onto a bent knee can cause more damage to the knee joint. Consider sitting on the bed first and then swinging your legs onto the bed to help decrease your chances of needing more knee pain treatment in Kansas City KS.

A Solution for Knee Pain in Kansas City KS

While you may have injured your knee doing a wide range of motions, it is the everyday activities during the healing process that can also cause issues. Make sure to be aware of these daily actions that could cause you to seek more knee pain treatment in Kansas City KS. Consider calling LifeWorks Integrative Health for more information about knee pain treatment if your pain continues.