Lower Back Pain | Does Cycling Cause Lower Back Pain?

As any cyclist would agree, the benefits of cycling are to be out in nature, feel the wind in your face, and stay fit and healthy. It is frustrating when a healthy lifestyle choice results in lower back pain issues. Does cycling cause lower back pain? Are there tips for cycling properly to avoid lower back pain in Shawnee, KS?

Various Postures While Riding a Bike

In long-distance bike riding, there are different postures that cyclists can engage in. The round back while leaning forward, the flat back, or the curved-in back are all lower back postures when riding for extended amounts of time. While the flat back may be best for patients who already suffer from lower back pain, many serious bikers find the curved back results in the least wind resistance and increased speed.

The bike posture is determined by the height of the handlebars, the seat height, and the seat tilt. If you are a competitive cyclist, keep in mind that your curved-in back for speed benefits may affect your lower back over time.

Cycling for Lower Back Pain Recovery

When recovering from lower back pain in Shawnee, KS, you will most likely be asked to participate in low-impact exercises to keep a healthy lifestyle while recovering. Cycling is an excellent low-impact exercise option. You can find the right seat height to handlebar combo that does not trigger any pain when riding.

As your back heals, you can adjust the seat. At the beginning of your cycling rides after a lower back injury, you may find yourself sitting upright. Then you can slowly adjust as the pain subsides and the surrounding muscles work to support your lower back.

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