Neck Pain Doctor in Shawnee, KS | How Head Posture Affects Neck Pain

One of the most common reasons people seek help from a chiropractor is because of chronic neck pain. Whether you are experiencing intense pain or it’s a dull pain that never goes away, it might be time to talk to a neck pain doctor in Shawnee, KS.

Poor Posture Causes Neck Pain

While neck pain can be caused by a traumatic experience, such as an accident or injury, it’s also common for neck pain to develop because of poor posture that causes wear and tear on the body.

For example, your head might be resting in a forward position because of the way the shoulders are slouching. This position is common when looking at a computer screen or angling your head downward to see a tablet or smartphone. In this position, the muscles located in the upper shoulders/back and the neck have to work harder to hold your head upright.

Your head weighs about 10 or 11 pounds, which is similar to a bowling ball. Your head feels heavier when it moves into a forward head posture because of the strain it is putting on the muscles.

Consider this comparison: if you are holding a bowling ball close to your body, then you can hang onto the ball for a long time before the muscles start to fatigue. But holding the ball away from the body puts more strain on the muscles and makes it feel heavier. In the same way, you can reduce the neck strain by adjusting the positioning of the head.

Talk to a Neck Pain Doctor in Shawnee, KS

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