Neck Pain Treatment in Shawnee Kansas | How Electronic Use Can Increase Neck Pain

Neck Pain Treatment in Shawnee Kansas Can Help Combat Effects From Electronic Use

Neck Pain Treatment in Shawnee Kansas | We’ve all had experiences where we slept funny on a pillow or found ourselves with our necks in a weird position after a night on the couch. But did you know that a lot of today’s neck pain stems from the use of electronics? Many of these patients come into LifeWorks for neck pain treatment in Shawnee Kansas. 

In an ever-changing and very technological world, electronics are here to stay. So, how can you address neck pain and still connect with the world? Check out these ways electronic use can increase your neck pain issues:

Text Neck

Yes, we know it sounds like a made-up phrase but this common issue is plaguing patients all over the world today. You may have a Text Neck when you experience instant pain in your neck or upper back while holding a handheld device. Pain could also come on at night after a long day at the office. Text Neck is caused by looking down and dropping your head forward repeatedly over a long stretch of time. This can cause the curvature of your spine to change and increase your need for neck pain treatment in Shawnee, Kansas.

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Computer Placement

While working at the office, it is best to work at a desk that has proper seating options. Working hunched over your computer can greatly increase the chances of having back and neck pain issues. Sitting in a chair that is well supported as well as your feet on the floor will help you

sit up straighter at the office. Placing a computer screen closer to eye level, while also allowing your arms to naturally be at your waist, can also help alleviate neck pain.

If you’ve ever experienced neck pain from one or both of these issues, it is best to consult the professionals at LifeWorks for relief. Learning different ways to change your patterns and working conditions is important when receiving neck pain treatment in Shawnee Kansas.