Neuropathy Treatment Shawnee | Solutions for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Peripheral neuropathy is the condition where nerves are pinched in the arms or legs. One of the most common issues from pinched nerves is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which affects the wrists and hands. When the nerves are affected, it can cause acute and chronic pain, often disrupting many daily functions in your lifestyle.

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

If you are experiencing this chronic pain from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, it’s time to seek help for neuropathy treatment Shawnee. The nerves in the wrists are affected by repetitive, prolonged tasks that involve the hands, such as typing at a computer or working machinery. The position and movement of the hand place pressure on the median nerve as it passes through the carpal tunnel.

This nerve pressure can result from either a mechanical injury, inflammation, or both. When inflammation and ongoing irritation are occurring, it affects your current pain and function – as well as long-term issues that can reduce function and mobility in the wrists.

Prevention and Neuropathy Treatment Shawnee

Anyone participating in repetitive motions during the day should be proactive about the position of their wrists. Seemingly small movements and positioning as you are typing at the computer or doing activities around the house can put pressure on the median nerve. Over time, inflammation will increase and lead to ongoing pain and symptoms.

Keep the wrists in neutral positions as much as possible by using ergonomic equipment and proper sitting position while at the computer. Also, work with an experienced doctor to reduce inflammation and improve strength and flexibility.

Personalized Treatments for Neuropathy

The good news is that you have access to neuropathy treatment Shawnee. When you are ready for more information, reach out to us at LifeWorks to discuss our Comprehensive Care model. We combine pain relief with regenerative medicine, physical medicine, and chiropractic care. Our patients love our approach using drug-free, non-surgical options. Talk to us right away to schedule a consultation.