Treatment Options for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is one of the most common neuropathies that cause significant pain leading people to search for neuropathy treatment Shawnee. While many doctors can take you down a pain management path using medicine to numb the pain, there is an underlying cause that needs to be addressed. With our combination of various treatments, including physical medicine and regenerative medicine, you can find lasting relief from your carpal tunnel pain.

Treatments for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  1. At-Home Exercises: Neuropathy treatment Shawnee can include stretching exercises that you can do at home and manual therapies done by the doctor in the office. The movement exercises can consist of deep “push and pull,” “prayer position,” and neuro mobilization.

  2. Oral Enzymes: Enzymes reduce inflammation and help to ease the pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome and other neuropathies.

  3. Nutritional Recommendations: An expert team will look at your nutritional intake and recommend a diet conducive to reducing neuropathy pain.

  4. Overnight Wrist Splinting: The splinting of your wrist can reduce the pain felt in your wrist during the night.

With a combination of treatments, our team at LifeWorks can help relieve your carpal tunnel pain in the long term. When you combine all possible remedies specific to your ailment, you will receive the best results. When you are looking for neuropathy treatment in Shawnee, consider a chiropractor’s office that will use the best treatments from various forms of medicine.

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At LifeWorks, we use a Comprehensive Care model to combine aspects of physical medicine, pain relief, regenerative medicine, and chiropractic care. Our fresh approach targets the root cause of your discomfort in order to achieve lasting relief. For a surgery-free option that doesn’t use medication to dull the pain, schedule a consultation with our team today.