Working From Home? Top Office Tips to Help Neck Pain Relief in Kansas City

With the recent worldwide pandemic of COVID-19, more and more Americans find themselves working from home. While some states have started the re-opening process, many residents in the Kansas City area are still working from home either on a part-time or full-time basis. There are plenty of makeshift home offices that look like anything but what you had at work before the pandemic and you may have noticed that you have more pain in your neck and back than you did before working from home. Consider making some slight changes to your home office after months at home to help with neck pain relief in Kansas City.

Raise Computer Screens

Many office workers use a computer when working from home. Placing your computer at desk level may seem like a good idea, but it can wreak havoc on your neck. Hours of looking down at a screen can cause extra stress on your neck. Consider raising the screen of your computer to a natural eye level when looking forward. This will help your neck and back stay aligned while working and should help relieve any neck pain. If your job requires a lot of typing on a laptop, consider getting another keyboard to put at elbow level to help reduce stress on your neck and back as well.

Choose Hard Chairs for Better Posture

Keeping your neck and back healthy will help you feel better overall. Make sure that your home office includes a hard office or dining room chair for better posture. Working from the couch is comfortable, but day after day on soft cushions could be doing more damage to your back and neck. Choose a chair that supports your back well and offers a harder surface to help keep your spine and neck in alignment.

Take Small Breaks to Move Around

Homes are comfortable places to be, which means that it can be easy to sit for hours on end in one spot. Make sure that you are giving your body a break by taking regular short breaks away from the computer. Getting up from the office for just a few minutes every hour to stretch and move around can help with neck pain relief in Kansas City. Slowly stretch your neck and upper back during these small breaks throughout the day to help ease neck tension.

While working from home may not have been in your plans this year, it is essential to adapt to the situation to keep your body healthy. The medical and physical therapy teams at LifeWorks Integrative Health can help you find neck pain relief in Kansas City. They offer a comprehensive approach to medicine that addresses the pain while also checking the rest of the body for other clues. Consider calling LifeWorks Integrative Health today if your neck pain has gotten worse after working from home this year.