Physical Rehabilitation in Kansas City | Improving Range of Motion

Physical rehabilitation in Kansas City involves a variety of exercises, including exercises that focus on range of motion. These exercises are designed to help improve and expedite the range of motion. The range of motion is one of the key areas that physical rehabilitation in Kansas City works to improve.

Range of motion defines the extent of movement a particular joint can make at one attempt. If the range is affected, it is challenging or impossible to move a specific part of the body around the joint area. It is common for athletes and non-athletes to experience injuries or accidents that impact or limit their range of motion.

Physical rehabilitation in Kansas City

Here are a few of the most common triggers that affect range of motion:

  • Sprained joints

  • Lack of movement or activity following surgery

  • Lack of physical activity or exercise in general

Exercises designed to improve the range of motion help to reverse the impairment and reinstate free and unrestricted movement of the muscles and joints. Physical rehabilitation in Kansas City introduces basic exercise techniques to correct impaired range of motion. Most importantly, they help to restore range of motion without causing further damage to the affected joint area.

Physical rehabilitation in Kansas City


Here is a brief overview of those exercises:

Passive exercises: these exercises are impactful for joints that are no longer active as a result of paralysis or injury.

Active-assistant exercises: these exercises are performed with some assistance from the physical rehab tech. Patients perform the majority of the movements but the rehab tech helps to ensure that the movements are done correctly. 

Active exercises: these exercises are performed with little help from the rehab tech because the patient can complete them on their own. The tech may offer verbal advisement about execution or posture during the exercises. 

Range of motion exercises are extremely beneficial in improving the movement of joints that have been damaged or injured. Physical rehabilitation in Kansas City is an effective option for those looking to find relief from joint pain and damage.

Physical rehabilitation in Kansas City

Physical Rehabilitation in Kansas City

At LifeWorks Integrative Health, we offer integrative treatment options such as physical rehabilitation for a wide category of issues. We specialize in creating customized treatment plans for each patient to help deliver relief that lasts because we address the source of your problem and chronic pain. 

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