Physical Therapy for Lower Back Pain in Kansas City

Managing a low back condition often requires a combined approach using multiple methods of treatment. One option you shouldn’t overlook is physical therapy for lower back pain in Kansas City. The combination of physical therapy with chiropractic care and other physical medicine methods can be a powerful way to regain control over your health.

Why Physical Therapy for Low Back Pain?

If you have chronic low back pain, then you know that the symptoms don’t go away with time. Often, this pain will continue to get worse if you ignore the problem. Instead, it’s time to take a proactive approach in caring for your physical health.

Physical therapy for lower back pain in Kansas City can be effective because it uses both spinal stability and movement control to support the muscles and bones in your back. Not only are the physical therapy activities focused on the back, but you will also work on strengthening the sides, abdominal muscles, and legs. It’s important to strengthen the muscles while also taking time to improve flexibility and range of motion.

Improving Your Habits

Visiting a physical therapist is the first step in creating habits that help with the reduction of back pain. When you leave the office, you need to maintain a commitment to making these exercises part of your daily routine at home. You can improve low back function by sticking with a consistent schedule to support your strength and flexibility.

Additionally, other treatment options can be paired with physical therapy for lower back pain in Kansas City. At LifeWorks, we stand out in the industry by providing our patients with a Comprehensive Care model. This approach combines multiple treatment modalities including pain relief, regenerative medicine, physical medicine, and chiropractic care. Talk to our team to learn about this drug-free, non-surgical approach. Call our office or schedule a consultation using our online form.