New Mothers

Back Pain Doctor in Kansas City | If you’re a new or expecting mother, you have likely had your share of back pain. For some, it goes away after delivery, but for others, the pain lingers after the baby is born. The lasting pain of the back could be aggravated by lifting and carrying the child, or bending to pick the baby up from the crib.

A professional back pain doctor in Kansas City suggests several ways to combat the pain associated with pregnancy and after delivery. It may be difficult to believe that a newborn can be stressful on the spine causing back pain. Although as a newborn, they may only weigh 6 to 10 pounds, but they don’t stay that size for long. Additionally, you must consider that the weight is being lifted multiple times per day.

back pain doctor in Kansas City

A Back pain doctor in Kansas City suggests the following tips to help reduce or alleviate the pain that mothers of little babies endure.

Lifting Technique

  • Lift with the legs when picking the baby up from the floor or low spaces. Bend the knees while squatting, with core muscles tightened. This form allows you to lift with the legs.

  • Be sure to cradle the baby near the chest prior to lifting instead of reaching out with the arms to lift him or her. Be careful not to twist the body in a rapid or awkward motion while lifting.

Feeding Technique

  • Don’t bend while breastfeeding the baby. Carefully bring the baby towards the breast to avoid pain in the upper back. A pillow in your lap may be helpful to draw the baby closer.

  • Sit in a chair that has an upright and supportive back. A soft couch doesn’t offer the form that is suggested by a quality back pain doctor in Kansas City.

  • Take the tray off prior to removing the child from a high chair before or after feeding.

Carrying/Traveling Techniques

  • Cradle the baby in a front sash or carrier when walking.

  • Try not to carry your child on your hip, it has a negative impact on the muscles of the back.

  • When placing the baby in the car carrier, sit or kneel on the seat beside it. It’s easier if you place the seat in the middle because it allows you to kneel comfortably on the side of the seat.

  • Place the seat in the car before bringing the baby out to the car. The added weight of the child makes it necessary for you to carry a heavier amount of weight than just the seat alone. Leave the child unattended inside while you secure the seat in the vehicle.

Back Pain Doctor in Kansas City

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