Treatment for Neuropathy in Feet | 5 Ways to Heal Neuropathy Damage

Weakness, tingling, and pain in the feet can all be signs of neuropathy, which can lead to serious health issues in the future. If you suspect nerve damage, then it’s smart to seek immediate treatment for neuropathy in your feet. The longer you wait to talk to a doctor, the higher the risk of irreversible damage.

Common Recommendations: Treatment for Neuropathy in Feet

These are some of the most common medical recommendations for neuropathy:

  1.  Over-the-counter and Prescription Medications: In the early stages of neuropathy, over-the-counter pain medications might help to reduce symptoms. The problem with using painkillers is that they hide the symptoms without addressing the root cause – allowing the problem to get worse over time. Additionally, the ongoing use of medication can cause damage to the liver over time.

  2.  Antidepressants: Certain antidepressants have been found to help with pain relief. These medications interfere with chemical processes in the spinal cord and brain that affect the sensation of pain in the body. Common recommendations include nortriptyline, amitriptyline, or doxepin.

  3. Prescription Medications: As neuropathy advances, prescription medications might be recommended such as opioids or anti-seizure medications. These treatments often come with serious side-effects such as addiction, dizziness, drowsiness, and more.

  4. Physical Therapy: Muscle strength can play a role in the symptoms, which is why it’s important to include physical therapy as part of the treatment for neuropathy in feet. Certain exercises improve overall movement and help to reduce the risk of complications.

  5. Surgery: If too much pressure is on the nerves, then surgery might be recommended as a treatment option. For example, surgical methods can provide relief from pressure caused by tumors.

Addressing the Underlying Problems

Ultimately, it’s important to take a holistic approach that considers overall health as well as symptom management. Medications might offer temporary relief, but the problems will continue to develop over time – which is why it’s better to address the fundamental issues affecting the nerves.

Rather than just throwing drugs and the pain symptoms, our treatment approach works to address the underlying issues that are creating the nerve pain. We start with a proper exam and diagnosis, then tailor your treatment options around the appropriate diagnosis.

At LifeWorks, we have three goals for your treatment:

  1. Stop the progression

  2. Improve symptoms by 10-25%

  3. Reverse the condition

These results are based on how severe the patient’s condition is, which will affect the potential outcome of the treatment.

Personal Treatment Recommendations

At LifeWorks, we offer comprehensive care and drug-free treatments that target the root cause of neuropathy. This non-surgical method helps many patients achieve lasting relief. For more information about treatment for neuropathy in feet, schedule a consultation to talk to us about our 16-point Nerve Assessment.