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Your Arm Pain May Be Coming From Your Neck

Is Your Arm Pain Stemming From Neck Issues?

Cervical radiculopathy is the medical term for when a spinal disc in your neck is irritating or compressing a nerve root, causing pain, numbness, tingling, or weakness in your arm and hand. Specific neck movements may increase the pain. This can happen because of injury or degenerative changes in the spine.

neuropathy treatment shawnee ks

Neuropathy Treatment Shawnee KS | How to Find Quality Care

Neuropathy Treatment Shawnee KS | Neuropathy is linked to several causes. In addition to a full physical examination which includes, an accurate diagnosis can only be made after a complete medical history and a neuro exam. Review of the medical history examines lifestyle, habits, family history of certain illnesses and diseases and the risk of exposure to foreign subjects or toxins.

Reducing inflammation naturally

Reducing Inflammation Naturally

Reduce Inflammation Naturally | Looking To Reduce Inflammation?

Reducing Inflammation Naturally | Reducing inflammation starts on your plate. Yes, that’s right! The choices you make about what you eat can play a huge role in your body’s hormone balance, immune response and inflammatory state. Each meal is an opportunity to turn up, or turn down,

Neuropathy Relief Shawnee KS

Neuropathy Relief Shawnee, KS | Diabetics Seek Effective Treatment Options for Neuropathy

Neuropathy Relief Shawnee KS | Some diabetics are diagnosed with severe nerve damage that develops as a result of continuously elevated levels of blood sugar. Its onset usually develops and worsens over extended periods of time. Some cases have even taken decades to fully surface. This serious complication can impact type 1 and 2 diabetics.

 Inflammation and Health | The Connection Between Health and Inflammation

 Inflammation and Health | The Connection Between Health and Inflammation

Inflammation and Health | Researchers have identified inflammation as one of the most beneficial and harmful processes in your body. How is that possible? Well, acute inflammation is your body’s natural repair and healing response to an accident or injury. However, chronic inflammation is a different matter.

Chronic Disease and Inflammation

Chronic Disease and Inflammation | Does Inflammation Cause Chronic Disease?

Chronic Disease and Inflammation | Does Inflammation Cause Chronic Disease?

Chronic Disease and Inflammation | Studies have shown that chronic inflammation is directly linked to many of the most common chronic diseases we encounter in our lives. Over 60% of people are affected with at least one condition associated with chronic inflammation. The number of people with heart disease,

sciatica relief shawnee, ks

Sciatica Relief Shawnee KS | Holistic Sciatica Treatment: An Alternative and Effective Option

Sciatic Relief Shawnee KS | Advancements in technology and ongoing research are leading to constant new discoveries about the human body. Sciatica treatment that focuses on the underlying cause of the pain or problem area is an effective approach that provides sciatica relief in Shawnee, KS. This new holistic treatment is an alternative treatment option that delivers relief for a variety of painful conditions,

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